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Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a person, called an affiliate, promotes a company’s products or services in exchange for a commission. When a customer clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It is a low-cost, high-reward marketing strategy that anyone can do. To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to find a product or service that you are passionate about and that you believe in. Once you have found a product or service, you need to create a website or blog where you can promote it. You can also promote the product or service on social media, email, and other online channels.

When creating your website or blog, be sure to write high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. You should also include links to the product or service that you are promoting. When a customer clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative way to make money online. However, it is important to note that it takes time and effort to be successful. You need to be patient and persistent, and you need to be willing to learn new things. If you are willing to put in the work, affiliate marketing can be a great way to make a passive income.

Here are some tips for successful affiliate marketing:

  • Choose a product or service that you are passionate about and that you believe in.
  • Create a website or blog where you can promote the product or service.
  • Write high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience.
  • Include links to the product or service that you are promoting.
  • Promote the product or service on social media, email, and other online channels.
  • Be patient and persistent.
  • Be willing to learn new things.

If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to success in affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Low-cost: Affiliate marketing is a low-cost marketing strategy. You only pay a commission when a customer makes a purchase through your link.
  • High-reward: Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative way to make money online. The amount of money you can earn depends on the product or service you are promoting, the number of sales you generate, and the commission rate.
  • Flexibility: Affiliate marketing is a flexible marketing strategy. You can promote products or services from a variety of different companies. You can also work from anywhere in the world.
  • Scalability: Affiliate marketing is a scalable marketing strategy. As you generate more sales, you can earn more money.

If you are looking for a low-cost, high-reward, and flexible way to make money online, then affiliate marketing is a great option for you.

Table of Contents

1. Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts is the largest digital partnership platform in the travel niche. It offers access to over 100 affiliate programs in a single affiliate dashboard and a loyal community of over 390,000 travel affiliate partners. Travelpayouts offers pay-per-action affiliate offers in various verticals, such as flight tickets, accommodations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and more.

You can sign up on the platform for free in a couple of clicks. Upon the registration, you will get access to the affiliate dashboard and join relevant offers. Travelpayouts partners are travel website owners, bloggers, agencies, SEO experts, and essentially anyone who wants to earn with travel traffic. No website is needed to join the platform.

Affiliate partners can earn up to 70% of the revenue generated by your traffic. The exact commissions depend on the brand and product. For example, you can earn about 1-1.5% on flight bookings and up to 7 % from hotel reservations. To drive more conversions and sales, you can take advantage of affiliate tools, such as search forms, banners, WP plugin, White Label, API, and more.

Pros and Cons of Travelpayouts

Join the Travelpayouts Partnership Platform

Access exclusive tools and the best travel affiliate programs, including flights, hotels, car rental, insurance, tours and activities, all in one place.

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2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks that accounts for over 20% of affiliate market share. It markets various types of products across different niches, such as technology, fashion, luxury, art, furniture, home, luggage, automotive, etc.

With Amazon Associates, you can earn from 1% to 20% affiliate commission depending on the product type. The highest commission of 20% is accrued for sales of Amazon Games, 10% for marketing luxury beauty products and Amazon Explore, while, for example, digital music products will bring you 5% commission. For some products, such as Prime Video paid membership purchase, you can earn a flat rate commission.

Payouts are sent out on a monthly basis but only 60 days after the end of the month. For example, you will receive the commissions earned in January only at the end of March. However, the minimum threshold is very low – you only need to make $10 to receive your first payout. Payments are made through deposit check, check, or Amazon gift card. In contrast to other affiliate programs, Amazon Associates has a short cookie lifetime of only 24 hours.

Great commission rates, a wide selection of products, and strong affiliate support make Amazon Associates one of the best programs if you are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, as well as if you want to grow your existing affiliate business.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

3. Clickbank

ClickBank is another long-standing affiliate network. Created in 1999, Clickbank has already paid out over five billion US dollars to over 100,000 affiliates around the world. It features a large selection of affiliate products in different niches, such as art, business, investing, home and garden, games, travel, and more.

Affiliates can earn high commissions depending on the product type. It can be from 50% to 70% of the advertiser`s revenue. In contrast to Amazon Associates, Clickbank makes weekly or even bi-weekly payouts and provides strong affiliate support. Another advantage is an easy and fast registration process on the platform.

According to multiple reviews, it is easy to start working with Clickbank, as the registration process is very fast.

Pros and Cons of the Clickbank Affiliate Program

4. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate network with over 25,000 merchants to promote across different sectors and more than 270,000 publishers earning their affiliate income on the platform. In 2022, the network generated over 200 million sales, becoming the fourth-largest affiliate network on the internet and taking up 6.78% of the affiliate market space.

The platform is free to register and features an easy-to-navigate interface, so even beginner affiliates can start their journey hassle-free. ShareASale supports publishers of all shapes and sizes, from content creators and influencers to media partners to incentive sites, and more.

The Commission rate depends on the brand you promote. Payouts are sent via paper check, direct deposit or Payoneer on the 20th of the following month, which is pretty fast compared to other programs.

Pros and Cons of the ShareASale Affiliate Program

5. eBay Partner Network

eBay is one of the oldest online marketplaces with over 28 years of expertise. You can earn by joining the eBay Partner Network and promoting products across various niches, such as electronics, home and garden, clothes and accessories, sport, business, and more. The platform features over 1.4 billion listings and has a target audience of over 183 million buyers around the world.

Commissions are paid on the profits that sellers make and depend on the product type. Thus, you can earn a flat rate on product bids as well as on completed purchases. Cookie lifetime is pretty short – just 24 hours.

Payments are sent on the 10th day of the following month via direct deposit to your bank account or PayPal account. The minimum payout is 10 dollars, euros and so on, depending on the currency rate in your country.

Pros and Cons of the eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program

6. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is a cash back shopping website that is quickly growing in popularity around the world. It is the third largest network, accounting for 7.15% of the affiliate market share. The platform presents over 2,500 affiliate offers.

With Rakuten Marketing, affiliates can earn three types of commissions: dynamic reward for scaled income, commissions for coupon codes, and multi-touch commissions for the whole customer journey. The commission rates vary for each brand. Affiliate marketers can contact the Rakuten support center and explore the education knowledge base on the platform.

Payouts are sent 90 days after the sale. The minimum threshold is $50. You can receive your earnings via direct deposit or check.

Pros and Cons of the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program

7. Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms connecting professionals and brands across over 300 verticals, such as website design, video editing, translation, voice over, and more. Clients create gigs with requirements and deadlines, and freelancers apply and complete tasks.

Marketers can earn with the Fiverr`s affiliate program on every acquisition as well as a first-time purchase of a course or membership plan. Thus, if your referral buys a subscription to Fiverr, you can earn up to 50% commission. Besides, Fiverr features a 30-day cookie lifetime.

Payouts are sent one time per month as soon as you reach the minimum threshold of $100. You can receive payments below $1,000 via PayPal and bigger payouts via wire transfers.

Pros and Cons of the Fiverr Affiliates Program

8. HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that offers solutions for content creation, management, marketing, sales growth, and customer support. Affiliates can earn by promoting different subscriptions to the platform that cost from $50 to over $3,000 monthly. A big advantage is that many clients renew their subscriptions and buy additional products.

HubSpot Affiliates can earn 100% of the first month`s subscription purchase and receive recurring commissions of 15% for the following months. Payouts are sent on a monthly basis via PayPal or transfer, but you may choose to withdraw them after reaching a particular amount. The 90-day cookie lifetime allows you to earn even if the user did not convert after the first visit to the platform.

You can sign up as an affiliate for free and do not need any expertise with the platform. There are tons of educational materials and great affiliate support to make the integration easy. There are personal account managers available.

Pros and Cons of the HubSpot Affiliate Program

9. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that allow customers to create and manage an online store and sell their products via other channels, such as social media, mobile, third-party marketplaces, and more.

Shopify affiliate program allows marketers, content creators, influencers, and review sites to earn recurring commissions by helping their followers start an online venture on Shopify. The platform is free to sign up. Affiliate support includes creative tools, lead magnets, and newsletter and email marketing tool integration. With the invite-only Commerce Coach program, you can earn bigger commissions and enjoy unique benefits.

Commissions are paid on sales of standard subscriptions, from Basic to Advance membership plans. Affiliate rewards can reach $150 per referral. The minimum threshold is $10, and payouts can be sent up to two times per week by direct deposit to a bank account or PayPal. The cookie lifetime is 30 days.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Affiliate Program

10. Bluehost

Bluehost is a leading web hosting provider that allows both beginner webmasters and experienced bloggers to set up a website and ensure its performance.

Bluehost`s affiliates can earn $65 for every subscription sold, as well as receive recurring commissions for some products. Thus, you can earn over $100 per affiliate sale. Payouts are sent within two months after the sale via PayPal, wire transfer, etc. A generous 90-day cookie duration allows you to convert even those leads that did not purchase after their first visit.

Pros and Cons of the Bluehost Affiliate Program

11. SEMrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO solution that webmasters and bloggers use to research keywords, optimize content for search engines, track their ranking in the SERP, and more. Semrush also has a great affiliate program that allows publishers and content creators to earn by referring new customers to the platform. Thus, you can earn $0.01 for every new registration on the platform, $10 for a new trial, and $200 for every new subscription purchase through your affiliate link.

The Semrush affiliate program is accessible via the Impact network. Payouts are sent monthly or upon request via transfer or PayPal. There is also a 30-day cookie duration.

Pros and Cons of the Semrush Affiliate Program

12. Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly is one of the leading AI-powered digital assistants that help improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more. Users can also detect plagiarism and make the text sound more native by customizing its style and tone.

Grammarly also features an affiliate program that allows bloggers and webmasters to earn by sharing a link or banner on their website, newsletter, social media, and more. Commissions are paid for every referral that signs up for a premium account on Grammarly. As the platform offers a free version, it is very easy to convince a user to try out the tool and see its advantages.

Affiliates can earn $0.20 for every user who creates a free account on Grammarly, and $20 for every Premium upgrade. You can track all conversions and sales in the affiliate account on Grammarly.

Payouts are available via check for US residents, bank transfer, or direct deposit.

Pros and Cons of the Grammarly Affiliate Program

13. WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is one of the pioneer hostings that powers millions of blogs on WordPress. Thanks to a strong marketing strategy, the service is steadily growing its popularity and is one of the most popular hosting providers for WordPress blogs.

With the WP Engine affiliate program, affiliates can earn up to $200 per subscription. The best thing is that you can earn 100% of the user`s first payment if they purchase a premium subscription. You can also earn bonuses for referring multiple clients within a certain time. The minimum threshold is $50.

Pros and Cons of the WP Engine Affiliate Program

14. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is a comprehensive marketing tool that allows webmasters to grow their audiences, build an engaged and loyal community, automate marketing, and increase income. The platform is very affordable and also offers a free account to check its features.

ConvertKit’s affiliate program allows content creators and publishers to earn up to 30% commission for every referral that purchases a premium subscription. Even better, commissions are recurring, so you can earn over the course of up to 24 months. The exact commission rate depends on the type of the plan that your referral buys.

Commissions are paid 60 days after the sale was made. You can only withdraw payments via PayPal. The cookie lifetime is 60 days.

Pros and Cons of the ConvertKit Affiliate Program

15. Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia Group is a network of travel brands, such as Expedia, Vrbo,, Orbitz, Travelocity, and more. Expedia`s affiliate partners can promote one of the largest selections of travel inventories to their audiences, including over 3 million properties, 220,000 tours and activities, flight tickets from over 500 airlines, 1,000 of car rental companies, and more.

As a partner, you can earn up to 7% of the booking price. For example, you can earn 3.5% for a vacation package sale, while a hotel reservation will bring you a 6% commission. The largest commission of 7% is accrued for activities and transfers. The cookie lifetime is 30 days.

Pros and Cons of the Expedia Affiliate Program

16. Affiliate Program is the world`s largest accommodation booking platform. It offers access to 30 million accommodation options across 2.5 million properties. Every day, there are over 1.5 million reservations made on the website. As of today, accounts for over 12,000 affiliates from all over the world.

As a affiliate partner, you will receive a commission equivalent to 4% of the total booking amount, whenever a user you referred completes a booking, regardless of whether the transaction was conducted on the website’s desktop version, mobile version, or through the app. It’s important to note that the cookie lifetime is one session, which means that in order to earn commissions, the user must complete the booking within the same session initiated by clicking on your affiliate link

Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program

17. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is a trip planning website that features over 795,000 reviews and links to over 2.3 million accommodations, 5 million restaurants, over 1 million travel experiences, 500 airlines, 70,000 cruises and much more.

With the TripAdvisor affiliate program, publishers can leverage the platform`s vast content and earn commission on each booking made through their affiliate link. TripAdvisor shares 50% revenue with its affiliate partners when the user creates an eligible click-out from a search result in «Hotels». Actual bookings are not required. For example, sending 170 clicks to the TripAdvisor website can earn you about $60 per month, while 6,100 clicks will bring $1,720 per month, and so on.

A 14-day cookie lifetime allows publishers to earn commissions even if the user returns to TripAdvisor within two weeks.

Pros and Cons of the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

18. Viator Affiliate Program

Viator is the world’s largest marketplace for experiences, boasting a selection of over 300,000 activities in 200 countries. Whether it’s wine tastings, walking tours, cooking classes, catamaran rides, or tickets to popular landmarks, Viator provides travelers with unforgettable experiences.

As a Viator affiliate partner, you can earn a commission rate of 8% on the booking amount for every successful referral. The cookie lifetime is 30 days.

Pros and Cons of the Viator Affiliate Program

19. Marriott Affiliate Program

Marriott is a huge hotel chain of over 7,000 hotels from 30 brands across 131 countries. Mariott has something appealing for any traveler, from affordable to luxury accommodation, so you can promote the brand to different kinds of audiences. There are also all-inclusive vacation and flight deals and resorts.

As a Marriott’s affiliate, you can earn on every completed hotel stay and vacation package sold through your affiliate link. Commission rates vary from 4% to 6% for hotel bookings and up to 3% for vacation packages.

Cookie duration is 7 days, so if the user returns to the Marriott website within a week after the first click and completes the booking, you will still receive a commission.

Marriott offers vast product catalogs with deep links, as well as attractive banners to generate more clicks. A dedicated affiliate team will help onboard and make the best of the Marriott`s affiliate program. However, the Marriott affiliate program is only available in some locations, such as the UK, Germany, the United States, and so on.

Pros and Cons of the Marriott Affiliate Program

20. VRBO Affiliate Program

VRBO is the world’s leading marketplace for vacation rentals, with over 2 million paid listings of vacation rental homes in 190 countries. Vrbo offers an extensive selection of vacation homes that provide travelers with memorable experiences and benefits, including more room to relax and added privacy, for less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodations.

Vrbo’s affiliate partners can earn on every accommodation booking through their affiliate link. Thus, you can earn up to a 1.8% reward for every user who rents a listing on the platform. You can partner with VRBO through Travelpayouts.

To drive conversions, you can take advantage of deep links and beautiful widgets as well as more advanced solutions, such as API.

Pros and Cons of the VRBO Affiliate Program

21. GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

GetYourGuide is one the leading booking platforms for travel experiences around the world. Travelers can find and book tours, skip-the-line tickets to attractions, city guides, excursions, and more. In addition to international and local operators, GetYourGuide also offers original experiences that are only available on the platform.

Affiliate partners of the GetYourGuide affiliate program can earn 8% base commission of the activity price. The program offers a 31-day cookie lifetime. Beautiful and convenient affiliate tools will help you attract the attention of users and drive more conversions.

Pros and Cons of the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

22. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is one of the leading accommodation booking platforms that allows travelers to find and rent hotel rooms, apartments, and full homes. Agoda offers access to over 2,000,000 unique properties in Singapore, the UK, Australia, and other popular travel destinations around the globe.

Agoda’s affiliate partners can earn up to 6% commission on completed stays sold through their affiliate links. The cookie lifetime is one day.

Pros and Cons of the Agoda Affiliate Program

23. Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

CruiseDirect is one of the most popular cruise booking platforms that does not take booking fees and guarantees the best price. Travelers can book cruises in Europe, the Caribbean, and around the world, as well as take advantage of last minute cruise deals. The

CruiseDirect affiliate program allows you to earn 3% commissions on the cruise cost and provide your audience with exclusive cruise deals and the best prices. To drive more conversions, you can take advantage of the program’s banners and search boxes. Cruise Direct offers a 45-day cookie lifetime so you can earn even if the user completes the booking one and a half months after they first clicked out to the platform. A dedicated and proactive marketing team will help with onboarding and affiliate tool integration on your website. Bonus commissions are available via weekly newsletters. Top-performing affiliates can also get access to custom landing pages and banners.

Pros and Cons of the Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

24. Affiliate Program is an online booking platform with access to over 325,000 hotels in 19,000 locations in over 30 languages.

The affiliate program is available as part of the Expedia Group affiliate program. Marketers can earn up to 6.4% commission on completed stays. With a 30-day cookie lifetime, you can earn within 30 days after the user clicks out to the The platform accepts traffic worldwide, including link and banner advertisements as well as social media ads. Payouts are sent out monthly via PayPal account. There is no minimum payout.

Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program

25. Insubuy Affiliate Program

With over 20 years of experience, Insubuy is the largest provider of visitors insurance, offering comprehensive medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, and travel-related coverages for foreigners visiting the United States.

The Insubuy affiliate program offers partners a competitive commission structure based on different policy price tiers. Partners can earn referral fees ranging from $1.50 to $150, depending on the policy price tier.

Pros and Cons of the Insubuy Affiliate Program


When looking for the best affiliate programs, it is important to focus on brands that resonate with your audience and offer top-quality products. As an affiliate partner, you should only recommend products and services that will bring value to your followers to build a loyal and engaged community. In addition, you should check affiliate terms and commission structure of programs you want to promote to make sure your efforts will be rewarded. If you are looking for affiliate programs in the travel niche, you can join Travelpayouts, the world’s largest travel digital partnership platform. It offers access to over 100 travel affiliate programs and provides top-notch support to help affiliates integrate tools on their websites and drive sales.

Join the Travelpayouts Partnership Platform

Access exclusive tools and the best travel affiliate programs, including flights, hotels, car rental, insurance, tours and activities, all in one place.

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350,000 partners already trust us

100+ travel brands

$40M+ total paid since 2011



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