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EmailProtection WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal and Review ⚠️ DealMirror Exclusive Deal

Email Protection Lifetime Deal WordPress Plugin

Quick Overview

  • Protection of email addresses on your website.
  • Support 25 Language.
  • Integration with popular page builders.
  • Best For :- Web Agencies, Web Developers, & Website Owners.

Email Protection Lifetime Deal WordPress Plugin

Did you notice that email addresses are publicly available on many websites and they are not protected from grabbing by web crawlers?

You probably know that a lot of grabbers and web-crawlers scrape millions of websites every second to collect email addresses posted on these websites and then send spam to these email addresses.

Email Protection WordPress Plugin specifically to solve this problem.

The plugin protects email addresses (displayed on the website) from detection and grabbing by web crawlers.

How It Works. Email Protection WordPress Plugin

Email Protection WordPress Plugin allows displaying email addresses according to custom preferences (control fonts, choose font sizes and font colors).

Dashboard Overview

When using the Plugin there will be no email addresses in the source code of webpages because the Plugin converts the email address into a clickable image that opens the email client (for example “Outlook Express”, “The Bat!” etc.) when clicked. So, email addresses will be completely protected from detection and grabbing by web crawlers.

Why You Should Use This Plugin?

There are a lot of reasons for this!

  • The Plugin will automatically protect email addresses on your website from grabbers and web crawlers immediately after the start of using the Plugin (it is super easy to install, configure and use; using the Plugin does not require any coding or design skills).
  • As a result, your email addresses will not be included in spammer mailing lists.
  • It will help to save your time, which you could spend on reading spam in your inbox (if you did not use the Plugin).
  • Email addresses of your visitors (which they post on your website – for example in comments) will also not be included in spammer mailing lists.
  • This will increase the trust of your visitors to your site, and they will not be afraid to post their email addresses on your website.
  • Displaying protected email addresses is comfortable for your visitors because when they click on the protected email address, the email client window (for example “Outlook Express”, “The Bat!” etc.) will be automatically opened with the “Email Address” field filled with your email.
  • If you buy this Plugin, you will not need anything else to protect email addresses on your website.

Main Features:

1) Easy To Use:- To start using the Plugin, you need to do just a few clicks to install and configure it for the automatic protection of email addresses on your website.

It is very easy! And using the Plugin does not require any coding or design skills.

2) Flexible Customization:- The flexible plugin settings allow you to customize the appearance of protected email addresses according to the style of your website, your needs, and preferences.

You can select the font, font size, and font color for displaying protected email addresses. And you can configure these options for each content type separately.

Also, you can choose within which types of content you would like to protect email addresses.

3) Live Preview:- The Live Preview function will allow you to see how the email address looks in real-time.

Selecting the display settings, you can check the email appearance directly in the admin panel without reloading a page (it is done thanks to Ajax).

4) Dynamic Content Support;- The Plugin can easily handle content added dynamically to your pages/posts. It is pretty useful for integration with plugins or scripts powered with AJAX requests.

5) Custom CSS Support:- You can add your custom CSS selectors, and the Plugin will protect email addresses exactly inside them.

You can also configure options for each added CSS selector.

6) Multisite Support:- The Plugin works with the WordPress Multisite installation.

7) TinyMCE Integration:- The Plugin is integrated with the built-in WordPress editor TinyMCE. You can insert the protected email address into your post/page by clicking the special button on the top bar of the WordPress editor.

8) Integration with popular page builders:- You can add protected email addresses to your pages/posts as a special content element of Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Divi, Oxygen, etc.

9) Compatibility:- The Plugin is compatible with any theme that follows WordPress standards. It is also compatible with the new WordPress editor Gutenberg.

10) Translation Ready:- The Plugin is 100% ready for translation, so you can easily translate it into any language. It implements multi-language support via .po/.mo files.

11) RTL Languages Support:- The Plugin supports right-to-left text direction for those languages that require this.

The Plugin package includes translation into the following 25 languages:-

  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  4. Dutch
  5. English
  6. Finnish
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Hebrew
  10. Hindi
  11. Indonesian
  12. Italian
  13. Japanese
  14. Korean
  15. Norwegian
  16. Persian
  17. Polish
  18. Portuguese
  19. Russian
  20. Spanish
  21. Swedish
  22. Thai
  23. Turkish
  24. Vietnamese

12) Cross-Browser Compatibility:- The Plugin is compatible with all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and mobile browsers (Android Browser, Opera Mini, Chrome for Android, iOS Safari, etc.).

13) Detailed Documentation:- The Plugin comes with extensive documentation (including detailed screenshots) that explains the user interface and the Plugin’s unique features.

14) Video Tutorials:- The video tutorials provide a visual guide to using the Plugin. There is a step by step tutorials on how to install, update, translate and customize the Plugin.

Vendor Testimonial

Plan Details

  • Free Plugin Updates
  • Extensive documentation
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Customer ticket support
  • License for a single website

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Membership Price $10.56

What you get in this deal

  • Free Plugin Updates
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Customer Ticket Support
  • License for a Single Website
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


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