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Excellent Packaging Design to Increase Your Sales

Does it matter how what you eat is presented? We believe it does. It isn’t easy even to eat your favorite food if it is not correctly presented.

According to a poll, 72% of consumers are influenced by product packaging when making purchase decisions. This demonstrates that products with appealing packaging do better in the market. You might be losing out on sales if you don’t put enough thought into how your product is packaged.

The Value of Beautiful Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important visual aspects of a product that influences both brand and product image. Although the most known function of packaging is protecting its contents, it goes further than that.

Beautiful images, fonts, and great messaging can help your product find its way into the shopper’s basket, but you will only make repeat sales if the packaging is easy to open. Therefore, the appeal should go beyond the shelf.

Increase Sales With Beautiful Packaging

With so many brands on the shelf, consumers may find themselves in a dilemma over what to pick. The critical element influencing their choices here will be the packaging, and whatever catches their eye is what they are likely to choose.

The first thing people see about your product is the packaging. Therefore, it is for this reason that you should ensure that your packaging is appealing, informative, and high quality.

Packaging also plays a significant role in eCommerce. In this era of social media, customers take pictures of their favorite product packaging and post them on their walls. This increases the number of people who hear about you.

How to Design Appealing Product Packaging

Now that you know how important packaging is for your business, it is time to create an attractive design. Below are factors you need to consider.

1. Type of product

The packaging design must always take the product type into consideration. A customer should be able to know what you are offering by looking at the packaging.

For example, tubes are known for toothpaste and skin products but not for candy.

2. Target market

Just as your product is for the customers, so should your packaging. If you are unable to appeal to them with your packaging, it will be impossible to convince them to buy your product. Your packaging is your salesman even when you are not around.

Before getting down to the packaging design process, learn a little about your target audience’s preferences. Which colors will deliver your message right? Which type of messaging will appeal to them?

3. Brand personality

The overall packaging design should be able to convey who you are to your audience. Your brand colors, graphic elements, and message make it easier for customers to recognize your product easily.

Packaging that is contemporary will be a terrific choice if your brand image is modern.

4. Budget

It goes without saying that you need to finance the design process. You must consider the expenses you will incur against what you have in hand. Choose what falls within your budget without sacrificing product appeal and safety.

Let’s Take Your Product to the Market

How your product performs in the market is greatly dependent on the design of your packaging. Since packaging is what customers first come into contact with, ensure that it leaves a good impression on the shopper. Using high barrier bags creates the most benefits as these are protective, cost-efficient, and very convenient.

Your shelf success and distinctiveness depend on the quality of your design. Save yourself the headache of trying to figure out which packaging material, graphics, colors, or fonts would do. Contacting a professional custom packaging firm will help you start on the right footing. 



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