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PromptLeo Lifetime Deal and Review ⚠️ Dealify Exclusive Deal

PromptLeo – $69 – Dealify Exclusive Deal

PromptLeo is the prompt engineering platform for AI creators and developers. Build AI apps with a sharp focus on quality, using ChatGPT and similar AI tools.

If you’re a developer or creator looking to build AI apps with a sharp focus on quality, then PromptLeo is the prompt engineering platform for you. With this tool at your disposal, you can easily craft AI apps at lightning speed, without worrying about coding. This means you can spend more time focusing on the quality of your AI, rather than the mechanics of building it.

PromptLeo allows you to leverage already available libraries, giving you an edge over your competition. By integrating OpenAI API with your product and using prompt engineering, you can compete with other prompt engineers to create better AI results. So if you want to build cutting-edge AI apps that work seamlessly, then PromptLeo is the tool you need.


PromptLeo is a powerful prompt engineering platform that makes building AI apps a breeze.

Manage all of your prompts in one place. Let team members collaborate, refine and reuse prompts of each other.

Easily track the performance of your prompts and make data-driven decisions to optimize them. Make your generative AI initiative successful and avoid clients saying that it’s all AI hype again.

Get ahead of the competition by utilizing an already accessible library for rapid engineering. Make more time to focus on AI quality rather than coding.

With PromptLeo, prompt engineers can keep improving their prompts and get better AI results every time on the fly without the need to deploy a new version of software that uses the prompts..

Share prompts with your clients while keeping the prompts’ contents hidden.

Discover an innovative way to everage Generative AI faster

PromptLeo offers engineers the ability to manage and version their prompts seamlessly through various stages of development, testing, and production. With prompt templates, engineers can easily create placeholders and parameters, as well as collaborate efficiently with others.

One unique feature of PromptLeo is its ability to integrate prompt API, allowing engineers to make instant changes to published prompts without the need for redeployment. Additionally, prompt logging and monitoring features enable engineers to search usage history and stay up-to-date with the responses generated from their prompts. With performance tracking, engineers can ensure that their clients are delighted with the functionality of their prompts.

To ensure vendor independence, PromptLeo includes a built-in adapter layer, allowing engineers to stay independent from specific vendors such as OpenAl.

  • Prompt Engineering Library: the prompt engineering library can help you take your product to the next level, from improved functionality to optimized operations
  • Prompt Forms: share prompts with your clients while keeping the prompts’ contents hidden
  • Prompt Engineering API: similar to using Github for source code, PromptLeo is used for prompt engineering
  • Automation Playbooks with AI Workers: using visual building blocks, it’s simple to design unique AI workflows that meet your requirements.

How PromptLeo works?

In the initial step, users design a prompt template in the Prompt Engineering Library. They can quickly create customized versions of the prompt by exchanging the template’s parameters. In

the second step, the API comes into play, enabling the connection of different applications through programming interfaces. This facilitates the integration of prompts into software products. Users create API endpoints based on a prompt. Or they use online forms to enter the data before generation. The platform provides these online forms for teams who want to write and test prompts collaboratively. The third step involves applying generative AI. Users integrate the API endpoint into the product or share the online form with colleagues or clients. Users save time by not having to reconfigure the application after modifying prompts. Whether if it’s an AI-supported travel guide, plagiarism checker, or a translation app, PromptLeo allows users to quickly integrate AI elements. The platform is also vendor-independent, thanks to its built-in adapter layer. PromptLeo is set to expand later in the year, with the introduction of AI workers. This will enable users without coding knowledge to realize advanced AI-supported processes with “AI agents”.

Pricing – Lifetime Deal – Pay Only Once

PromptLeo – Lifetime Subscription

  • Unlimited Prompts
  • 5 Forms
  • 5 API Endpoints
  • 500 AI generations/month
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Where can I learn more about PromptLeo?

For more details, you can visit their website here.

Founder’s Note

”Hi all👋,

The competition to create the best prompts and thus the best AI results is increasing. In response to this, we launched PromptLeo, a platform designed to simplify the

integration of AI functions into software for developers and influencers.

PromptLeo focuses on the concept of “prompt engineering,” which involves writing precise commands to maximize AI effectiveness. Through PromptLeo, users can quickly access the most suitable prompts in just three simple steps, streamlining the integration process and enabling faster deployment of AI functions to the market.

DynaPictures was the first company in Germany to introduce such a platform, allowing customers to bring AI functions to market more rapidly.

Companies have been closely following the advancements of generative AI since the release of ChatGPT. They are now exploring ways to make the technology accessible to their customers. Prompts play a key role in achieving success in this domain. These text requests to the AI system contain all the necessary information for the system to provide a suitable answer. Anybody who wants to use ChatGPT effectively in a product or service has to make himself familiar with prompt engineering.

Just because anyone can write prompts doesn’t mean they’ll achieve the desired results and we wanted to empower users to manage prompts, improve them, and share parameters.

As a result, our team developed a platform where clients can store and manage prompts. This platform acts as a layer between users and ChatGPT. They can enable the right prompt with parameters to be fed into ChatGPT. PromptLeo also measures processing time and monitors prompt performance.

It’s similar to organizing files on a computer: Just as you save, retrieve, and use files stored in a folder, prompts are stored and utilized with PromptLeo.

One practical use case is content generations for platforms like social media. In the prompt

template, which can span one to two pages, parameters such as target audience, occasions, or topics can be automatically exchanged.

Looking forward to seeing you applying Generative AI successfully!

Alexander VushkanCEO

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